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What is Webview?

Webview is an option that allows you to send sms on your website or your desktop without having to write any code or enter your password.


 How Can I Get Webview On My Website?

Copy the embed code and add (paste) it as html in the page you want it to show on your website.

How Can I Put Webview On My Desktop?

Click on Download as HTML File button and download on your desktop. To run it, double click on the downloaded file.


Is Webview Secure?

Yes, but you should only put your webview code on a page that is not accessible to the public on your website. Anybody with access to your webview code will be able to send sms from your account the same way anybody with access to your username and password.

How Do I Fund My Aimeagles SMS Account Wallet? 

Log in to your Aimeagles SMS account, Go to your Account Dashboard, Click on Buy SMS, Enter the number of units you want to buy, the SMS Units price will automatically display below depending on the number of SMS Units you entered above, if you're okay with that - kindly click on "Buy SMS" button underneath to processed to payment realm online, but if you don't want to pay using your ATM Card/VoguePay account you can choose to fund your account through bank deposit/transfer or voucher pin.  

 If you want to fund your Aimeagles SMS Account through bank  payment, click here and after  payment login to your Aimeagles SMS and click on "Buy SMS" and choose Bank Payment Option.

What is Aimeagles SMS Voucher Pin?

Aimeagles SMS Voucher Pin  is Aimeagles SMS promotional code for discounting and rewarding our potential customers. Aimeagles SMS Voucher Pin can also be generated for customers who made remuneration through bank transfer or cash deposit.


 Why Did I Received Invalid Format, Operation Failed While Trying To Fund My Aimeagles SMS Account?

The reason for the error could be because you specified currency sign, symbols or punctuation mark while funding your wallet . Please enter the amount without any currency sign or punctuation mark. E.g: N2,000= wrong 2000= correct.


 What is the minimum Amount that i can use to fund my Aimeagles SMS account wallet through Card?

The minimum amount allowed for card funding is one hundred naira.


How do I make Payment in the Bank, so that it will imperatively reflect in my Aimeagles SMS Account?

While making a cash deposit or transfer, please ensure you use your correct username on Aimeagles SMS as the depositor's name/payment reference so as to avoid late crediting.  After payment, kindly indicate what you paid for and confirm your remuneration by logging into your Aimeagles SMS account and click on "Buy SMS", & choose bank transfer underneath.


 Does Aimeagles SMS Portal have other Payment options apart from Bank Transfer/Cash Deposit?

Yes, you can fund your account online using debit/credit cards. Successful card funding reflection is instant. 
To fund your Aimeagles SMS Account Wallet, kindly login to your Aimeagles SMS account, click on 'shop' in your dashbourd, inpute the amount you want to credit your wallet with and click on "make payment" button by your right hand side.


 What Could Possibly Be The Causes Of SMS Failure?

Sms may fail due to any of these reasons:
a. Recipient’s phone number out of network coverage.
b. Invalid/incorrect phone number.
c. Recipient’s inbox full or message application frozen.
d. Recipient’s phone number switched off for long.


 How Do I Know The DND Numbers On Aimeagles SMS So As To Avoid Sending Bulk SMS To Them?

Aimeagles SMS is not a telecom provider and as such we are not able to pre-determine the numbers on DND services.


SMS Sending Units Failed, Why?

The reason for the error notification referred might be due to:
a. Insufficient funds in your Aimeagles SMS account.
b. API not correctly configured. Please ensure you have sufficient funds and your API is correctly configured and try the operation again.


 Will I Get Refunded If An SMS Delivery Failed?

We're sorry, but no, there are no refunds.


Can I Be Able To Withdraw or Transfer The Money In My Aimeagles SMS Account Wallet To My Bank Account?

 No! Aimeagles SMS Portal offers no return/refund policy and as such, the money in your Aimeagles SMS account wallet can't be returned, refunded, withdrew nor transferred to your bank account but however, you can collect cash from other Aimeagles SMS customers on their own free will and transfer the SMS units (money) in your Aimeagles SMS account wallet to their own Aimeagles SMS account.

As soon as your Aimeagles SMS account wallet is funded, the money automatically convert to SMS Units that's why Aimeagles SMS Portal morrowless don't offer return policy.


 I Don't Understand Pricing

Different prices are set by telcos (i.e. not by us). You can find more pricing information on the Payment and Pricing page on this site.



You may need to contact your customers, members, associates or organizations to UNSUBSCRIBE  from the Do-Not-Disturb (DND) policy so  they  may be receiving SMS update from you.

The procedure for each of the networks is provided below:

  • For MTN lines,  text ALLOW to 2442.
  • For AIRTEL lines, text OUT to 2442.
  • For GLO lines, text CANCEL to 2442.
  • For ETISALAT lines, text START to 2442.


Note that MTN/AIRTEL  Nigeria might have added your phone numbers on the DND list by default, to check  the status of your  phone number  you may  kindly text STATUS to 2442. Where further assistance is required, you may kindly contact your network provider(s).  Giving you the best mobile treat is our priority. 


There're Two Types Of Routes In SMS Marketing:

  1.  Normal route.
  2.  Corporate route.


On the normal route people on DND networks won't receive your messages, but on the corporate route everyone you send sms to will receive your messages.

Note that sms delivery on corporate route cost more than normal routes, click here to see our sms delivery cost on both routes and high volume of sms (quantity) attracts lower price/discount i.e the higher the quantity the higher the prices/amount we charge you.

Always put comma and space betweet each numbers when sending to multiple numbers e.g 08181760422, 08105340689 and for international numbers (outside Nigeria Numbers) always type them in international format without plus (+) e.g 2348123456789, 44781234567, 668712345677, 16712345679 

If you put only commas without space, you'll be debited by our portal but your messages won't deliver to your recipients sim/mobile phone.

We are charged by sms submission and not by sms delivery, so we strongly advice you to always test the portal with few numbers first before sending to bulk (plenty/multiple numbers) because we won't refund any money lost on your carelessness, and if in anyway you discovered that while testing that your sms is not delivery to sim/phone; kindly notify us, and we'll imperatively rectify what ever the issue might be forthwith because your smile is our logo and helping your business, career, organisation and company grow is our joy.


For successful SMS delivery, make sure the sender name is not more than 11 characters (including spaces). Also avoid special characters like +, -, #, ?,/ in the sender's name, and that you type your numbers in the international format without the + sign. 

For example: 2348038032921 or 08074081427. To send Bulk SMS, save your numbers in notepad in .txt file extension.

Example: phonenos.txt and remember to type it one number per line in your notepad.

For example:

  •  FORMAT 1; 2348033333333 2348022222222 2347033333333 2347077777777 2348111111111
  •  FORMAT 2: 08033333333 08022222222 07033333333 07077777777 08111111111
  •  FORMAT 3; 2348027196002, 2347072103993,  2348092719655
  •  FORMAT 4: 08024096000, 07070103990, 08092711255

Once you meet the above specifications, your messages deliver in matter of seconds.


The sender name must not start with numbers but can end with numbers e.g., Gtb1234567 and not 12345john else your message won't be delivered to your receipients. 


Warning: Copying numbers from excel may lead to invalid format and that may assume international numbers. We advise you type, copy or upload numbers from ".txt" file but if you are copying from excel ensure you include the prefix "234" for Nigerian numbers.


 Please contact us if you can't find answers to your questions here! 



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