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Buy Airtime or Data Bundles - Available Nationwide, Click on Banner to Buy Now!!!, and are properties of  AIMEAGLES SMS MARKETING COMPANY and it's registered with corporate affairs commission under BN 2649332. 

Office address: 37, Isolo road,  ikotun egbe - Lagos, Nigeria, our offline products are clothes (boutique).

DISCLAIMER: is not part of Aim Global products and services.

Paul Chibuike is the CEO of AIMEAGLES SMS MARKETING COMPANY and is an entrepreneur who so much believe in creativity, love simplicity, hate dishonesty & is a web designer and digital (internet) marketer.



Paul Chibuike is an independent global distributor of Alliance In Motion Global Incorporated i.e why he designed in 2016 as a tool for helping people build financial stability and wellness. 

In 2017 June he added with the aim of reaching out to the world forthwith. has been designed to enlist marketers (corporate bod's and individuals) to reach out to their target audiences (get new customers, clients or members and to also keep in touch with existing ones.

Paul Chibuike also ensconced Aimeagles SMS to enable Aim - Nu Blood Leaders team members and aspiring Aim Global independent distributors at to promote their Alliance In Motion Incorporated business through sms marketing as well, because SMS Marketing happen to be the cheapest and effective means which one can use to reach out to his/her potential customers forthwith.

If 100 prospects receive sms alert, there's 100% certainty that 99% out of the 100 will eventually see, and imperatively open the sms permutation out of curiosity, just to ascertain what the message entail unlike other marketing methods that takes time to deliver and the receiver might end up not seeing (reading) your urgent momentous message. What is BulkSMS? Bulk SMS is the delivery of high SMS volumes from a server.

It is best used by clients who need to deliver messages to large groups of people either on a once-off or continuous basis. It is also effective where clients need to send instantaneous messages such as sports, community news or local information. It can also be used to deliver contents such as marketing messages, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly newsletters or account information of all types.

Aimeagles bulk SMS application allow users to decide which name appears on receivers' phones as the 'Sender,' just like the one you get from MTN, Glo, Your Bank, Zain, etc., enabling even a small Business David to portray himself as a BIG Business Goliath.

Are you a business wanting to communicate or market to your customers? Are you an organization wanting to send group messages such as event notifications, promotions or SMS alerts to staff? Are you an individual looking to send a quick message or group text messages to all your friends and family members? Aimeagles SMS is here for you anytime any day, from anywhere there's internet connection.

Aimeagles SMS Portal has come to stay.


Aimeagles SMS Mission:

1. Aimeagles SMS has been ensconced to help remove stress from people (corporate and individuals), looking for means to communicate to their near and long distant customers or friends and relative pronto.

2. To help mitigate advertisement expenses for people looking for the best and 'affordable' ways to promote their goods and services.

3. To enlist the world at large pass information across the globe without engulfing any perspiration. Just as the saying goes, "information is power."

4. To cohere in keeping relationships (business and personal relationship) alive, because there's nothing that annihilates relationship more than lack of communication. Our SMS Portal enables people to keep being in contact (hearing from their dear ones) with their loved ones from anywhere in the world at large.


Aimeagles SMS Vision:

1. To be the very best out of the best.

2. To be household news.

3. To be informative.

4. To be innovative. 

At Aimeagles SMS:

Your smile is our logo while your satisfaction is our priority because our customers always come first!!!


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