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Your Want & Your Need Are They The Same?
10 May / 2018

Your Want & Your Need Are They The Same?

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If you can comprehend the difference between 'want' and 'need', & discipline yourself to always apply them in your daily live - you'll go far in life.

What's Want? 

Want could be defined as destitution. Destitution is the act of lacking something. Destitution is also  the hunger (yearning) for something or someone. 

What is Need?

Need can be defined as the desire for something or someone that might be useful to you or not.

Want and Need is like 'love' & 'lust'. Want and Need is also like 'shall' and 'will'. Want and Need is similar to 'love' & 'hate'.

Love is a great wholesome and caring affection towards somebody or something i.e why there's a saying that says "love is blind", and hatred is blind as well. Love condo mistakes (love don't see errors/fault) while hatred never sees anything good, right and great in someone or thing (those who hate you can never see nor say anything good about you no matter what). No matter how good you're to a goat, the goat will still eat your yam because hatred credence that no good thing can ever come out of Nazareth

  • If envy is not guarded - it leads to 'jealousy'
  • If jealousy is not guarded - it lead to 'disgust'
  • If disgust is not guarded - it lead to 'hatred'
  • If hatred is not guarded - it lead to murder

  • Love is 'service'
  • Service is 'giving' (rendering help, time, money, etc)
  • Giving is 'understanding' 
  • Understanding is harmony
  • Harmony is 'blissfulness'
  • Blissfulness is 'meekness' 
  • Meekness is 'achievement'
  • Achievement is Growth
  • Growth is Success

Lust is a self-centered affection. Love ponder others well being first while lust obsessively cogitate myself (my gain first). Love emerge from character and magnet spirit  while lust emerge from enticing attraction and magnet praise (eyeservice).