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The Story Of Rat & Tortoise
06 May / 2018

The Story Of Rat & Tortoise

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Once upon a time (in the old days): Tortoise and Rat happened to be closest and best friends, Rat has a magic stick which he always use to turn stone into food and perform other amazing miracles with it; Tortoise on the other hand is a parasite who disgust to work, & always claim to be dreadfully smarter than other animals including Rat.

Tortoise obviously doesn't know anything called 'starvation' because whenever he's with Rat, Rat will turn stone into pabulum and see to it that his friend Tortoise eat to his satisfaction, & also take the leftover to his household.

Rat being a good friend of Tortoise, tried all his possible best to coerce his closest friend Tortoise to learn his magic to enable him become independent like him, but Tortoise in his laziness didn't show any interest because he believed that his friend Rat will always be there for him and his family.

AIM Scholars
15 May / 2018

AIM Scholars

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10 Attributes To Put You In The Right Mindset 

1. Set An Example Of Trustworthiness:

People have confidence in people they trust and want to work for them. The same is true for customers.

2. Be Flexible Except With Core Values:

No matter the pressure for immediate profits, do not compromise on core values.