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Prospecting Skills
05 May / 2018

Prospecting Skills

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"Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don’t have any problems, you don’t get any seeds." – Norman Vincent Peale.

Pedro asked AIM Global VP for Business Development Jurgen Gonzales, “Sir Jurgen, what does generic, confusing, defensive invitation means?

Jurgen said, “Well it’s very simple Pedro, most distributors when asked what kind of business they are in, they give their prospects confusing answers instead of focusing on what they really do and what benefit the business could give to their prospects.”

Pedro answered, “You know what sir, I think you are right on that, because all of my prospects asked me what I do for a living and these are my answers.”

Philippines Trip Promo
05 May / 2018

Philippines Trip Promo

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Calling All AIM World distributors in Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Mongolia, South Africa, and Canada.

Be one of our lucky qualifiers to be included in an all-expenses-paid trip to the Philippines on our 11th Years Anniversary.

PLUS: Get an exclusive training & bonding with the BOD's, VP's & Top Leaders and a lot more.

Promo runs from February 1 to  April 30, 2017. Qualify now!

Hurry up!!!

Mr. Olu Abosede Story
05 May / 2018

Mr. Olu Abosede Story

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Life Lessons: Nothing is Permanent from Mr. Olu Abosede

Our guest this week is Mr. Olu Abosede, Founder and former Managing Director of a wholly indigenous, quoted company, Aboseldehyde Plc. The company was once used as a reference point for other local entrepreneurs who would want their companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). Within a period of 14 years, the company had become a very strong brand in the country in its niche area.

Mega Opp & Promo
05 May / 2018

Mega Opp & Promo

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Come and Join Us and be EMPOWERED by "Spreading The Best Opportunity Thru LOVE & UNITY. "


When: Thursday, June 15,2017

Time: 6:30pm

WHERE: Marco Polo Grand Ballroom, DIPLOMAT HOTEL - Ramos Street, CECU CITY PHILIPPINES

Learn the Hidden Secret from the Millionaire Maker himself - Neo "Kuya E"de Padua

PLEASE WEAR  casual Top color RED dahil BABAHA NG PAY INS. POWER GOOD Morning.

Ticket is free... MABUHAY

Leaders Training
05 May / 2018

Leaders Training

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MAY 12 - Aimcademy Training. 

MAY 14 - Philippine Arena. 

MAY 15 - GALA Night.

How To Handle Your Prospects
05 May / 2018

How To Handle Your Prospects

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Continuation Of 'How To Approach Your Prospect & Prospecting Skills'("Mastery Of Prospecting - part 1 to 3.")

“If you think you will have job security working for somebody else, WAKE UP.” – Kim Kiyosaki

Sir Jurgen, can you please give me more examples of what great answers I could tell my prospects when I am asked, “What you do for a living?”

Sure, here are some answers you can give to your prospects:

  •      I help people by showing them how to retire 10 years earlier.
  •     I show ladies how to look 10 - 20 years younger in the natural way.
  •      I show people how to lose weight without changing their eating habits.
  •      I show people how to make big money by helping others.
  •      I make people not to rely on the government much when it comes to their finances.
  •      I help people to have the energy of a 20 year old at 50.
  •      I am working on my part-time business. I realize that there is no such thing as job security nowadays anymore.
  •     I help OFWs have a chance to go home with their families with a great business opportunity.
  •     I help OFWs make extra money on the sideline realm while they work on their full time job so that they can save a lot more for their future.
  •      I have a project called OFW Go Home, it’s my mission to reunite families who were separated because their mother or father have to work abroad to earn money. I show them a chance to earn just as much or even more money, here in the Philippines they are earning abroad.
  •     I’m independent now. I make money worldwide just by using Facebook.
  •     I enlist people look younger by showing them how to have a facelift in a natural way. A lot of women are getting more beauty conscious these days.
  •     I get paid just by drinking coffee.
  •      I show people how to get rebates and referral bonus every day and month while working on their full time job.