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From Street To Paradise
25 Jul / 2017

From Street To Paradise

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She used to sale sweet potatoes on the road (hawking from street to street), but this is her life now.

Amazing life transformation after 18 months in Aim Global business.

You must realize that this is a Life Changing Opportunity!!!!

If you want to be successful in this business, don't think that there is somebody that's earning from your effort.  Just focus on your group enhancement, & balance all your accounts.

Part Time Breakthrough Achiever
24 Jul / 2017

Part Time Breakthrough Achiever

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An OFW from ISRAEL, that's full time caregiver and part time DISTRIBUTOR in AIM GLOBAL Inc.

His name is Relie L. Vegiga, & he has an income of 2,402,856.00 MILLION PESOS in his DTC (Aim Global - "Distributor Tracking Center" i.e his AIM account). He just uses the 'malupeet FACEBOOK'.

Free From Pneumonia
12 Jul / 2017

Free From Pneumonia

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COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer Testimonial

"Thank you aim global and complete Phyto-Energizer! Big help po sa anak ko na diagnose ng pneumonia high risk secondary to hypoxia meaning critical condition nya, nagstop na po ang heartbeat nya ng few minutes. His duration narevive.  Just ininject a pampatibok in the mercy of God throb again. Pagkalabas of the hospital, no one has given drugs to halak, cough cold. Pagnaubo that his lungs and hingal that hingal. I admit a doctor again. I switched a different hospital but really iaadmit.

I thought to buy complete. I immediately pinainom my stirred with her milk. He dumumi and I found a great doctor. While home medication he sinasabay the food supplement. He's gone cough and cold and complication. Thank you for the pagrecomment of complete, great my child."

AIM Scholars
12 Jul / 2017

AIM Scholars

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10 Attributes To Put You In The Right Mindset 

1. Set An Example Of Trustworthiness:

People have confidence in people they trust and want to work for them. The same is true for customers.

2. Be Flexible Except With Core Values:

No matter the pressure for immediate profits, do not compromise on core values.

The Story Of Rat & Tortoise
06 Jul / 2017

The Story Of Rat & Tortoise

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Once upon a time (in the old days): Tortoise and Rat happened to be closest and best friends, Rat has a magic stick which he always use to turn stone into food and perform other amazing miracles with it; Tortoise on the other hand is a parasite who disgust to work, & always claim to be dreadfully smarter than other animals including Rat.

Tortoise obviously doesn't know anything called 'starvation' because whenever he's with Rat, Rat will turn stone into pabulum and see to it that his friend Tortoise eat to his satisfaction, & also take the leftover to his household.

Rat being a good friend of Tortoise, tried all his possible best to coerce his closest friend Tortoise to learn his magic to enable him become independent like him, but Tortoise in his laziness didn't show any interest because he believed that his friend Rat will always be there for him and his family.

Free From Stroke
01 Jul / 2017

Free From Stroke

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 We are not just talking about making money alone, we are not just changing lives from ordinary to extra-ordinary millionaires, but we also help to "SAVE LIFE" through our amazing products that's proven and tested all over the world.

This man from Africa, suffered stroke, but he saved his life by taking our products.

 Two weeks upon taking c24/7, he can move his body now, his hands can move now and he personally came to our NIGERIA Office to say,  "thank you AIM GLOBAL, you are my new life...."

"The doctors of the future will give no medication, but will innovate the care of the human frame, diet and prevention of diseases to their  patients"

Invest wisely in your health and wealthPlease take a good look at our product benefits and purchase one or more today.