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Health Is Wealth

Health Is Wealth

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Often when people ask this question, DOES YOUR HEALTH MATTERS? Without hesitation we answered:

YES, because my HEALTH is my WEALTH! Yes, it's true that our HEALTH is our WEALTH.

Money is useless if you are not wholesomely healthy at all, you can't enjoy your WEALTH if you're struggling with chronic disease, right?


If you really care about your health, avoid medicine after death now that you're still breathing:

  • When was the last time that you invested in your health?
  • When was the last time you visited your doctor for physical check-up?
  • When was the last time that you bought mutli-vitamins for yourself?
  • When was the last time that you ate healthy foods and drank healthy drinks?

Then, DOES YOUR HEALTH MATTERS? These days people spend more money for VANITY than HEALTH.

  • They would choice gadget over physical check up.
  • They would choice perfume over food supplements.
  • They can spend thousand for hair rebounding, manicure, pedicure, go to spas,
  • Shopping galore etc.... But when it comes to health, it always be the LAST PRIORITY.

They will take attention/action to their health only when they drastically get SICK.

  • That's the time they will care about their selves.
  • That's the time they will remember their HEALTH.

Do you think, you still have time to RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH? Change your life style, before it's too late. Make a healthy choices when it comes to your food.


If you eat unhealthy preservative foods all the time, then don't be surprise if you are a candidate to have a CANCER in the next couple of years.

There're various type of cancers nowadays, there's no EXCEPTION and AGE DOESN'T MATTER here.

Do you know why we get sick?

No! It's not because of virus or bacteria or even germs, there's always  germs, bacteria and viruses everywhere in the air, in the water, in food that we eat, etc.

We get sick because of our WEAK IMMUNE SYSTEM !!!

Our immune system fights every bacteria, germs and viruses that comes inside our body.

 If you don't take good care of your immune system, how can your immune system take good care of you?

  •  A 'salubrious' man is a WEALTHY man 
  • A 'wealthy' man is a man of STORY
  • A man of transfigurational story  is a man of 'luminous glory'.
  • A man of meritorious glory is a man of Epitomized Knowledge
  • A man of exuberant knowledge is 'knowledgeable'.
  • knowledgeable man is a WISE man.
  • A wise man is a man of 'solid strength'
  • A man of firm strength  is a man of Extol Fortification
  • A man of eulogistic fortification is a man of VICTORY
  • A victorious man is a 'deft pacesetter'
  • A sophisticated pacesetter  is one that REIGNS