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Your Want & Your Need Are They The Same?

Your Want & Your Need Are They The Same?

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If you can comprehend the difference between 'want' and 'need', & discipline yourself to always apply them in your daily live - you'll go far in life.

What's Want? 

Want could be defined as destitution. Destitution is the act of lacking something. Destitution is also  the hunger (yearning) for something or someone. 

What is Need?

Need can be defined as the desire for something or someone that might be useful to you or not.

Want and Need is like 'love' & 'lust'. Want and Need is also like 'shall' and 'will'. Want and Need is similar to 'love' & 'hate'.

Love is a great wholesome and caring affection towards somebody or something i.e why there's a saying that says "love is blind", and hatred is blind as well. Love condo mistakes (love don't see errors/fault) while hatred never sees anything good, right and great in someone or thing (those who hate you can never see nor say anything good about you no matter what). No matter how good you're to a goat, the goat will still eat your yam because hatred credence that no good thing can ever come out of Nazareth

  • If envy is not guarded - it leads to 'jealousy'
  • If jealousy is not guarded - it lead to 'disgust'
  • If disgust is not guarded - it lead to 'hatred'
  • If hatred is not guarded - it lead to murder

  • Love is 'service'
  • Service is 'giving' (rendering help, time, money, etc)
  • Giving is 'understanding' 
  • Understanding is harmony
  • Harmony is 'blissfulness'
  • Blissfulness is 'meekness' 
  • Meekness is 'achievement'
  • Achievement is Growth
  • Growth is Success

Lust is a self-centered affection. Love ponder others well being first while lust obsessively cogitate myself (my gain first). Love emerge from character and magnet spirit  while lust emerge from enticing attraction and magnet praise (eyeservice).

Shall and Will:

Shall is an assumption while Will is a conclusion. When people use the word shall, it simply means they are not sure. It also means they might do it, go there, eat it,etc., or might not ........ (they're confused).

When people use the word 'will', it means they're not confused on what they 'want'.

Examples of Want and Need are:

I'm into cloth business (boutique) full time and most times am the only one in our boutique; if 5 customers surround me, my main focus will go to those who knows what they want because giving my 100% attention to the ones that morrowless don't know what they want will make me end up not selling anything because those who don't know what they want still have a long way to go, and those in contact with them have enormous work to do. What matters is not where you came from but where you are heading to. Following up clients is an omen that shows that your clients don't know what they want because you're trying to make them validate what you want. 
When a woman introduced aim global to me on facebook years ago, i was the one calling her to inform her when i want to honor her invitation offline because i knew what i want from the business and that's Residual Income. Since i knew what i want from the business, my focus is on it, and i can't quit until i achieve my want. 

It's good to follow up clients but it's better if your clients know what they want. You've 50% certainty that your followed up prospects will join after hard work but might not take your business serious because you coerced them into accepting your own wants, and you have 100% certainty that meeting prospects who actually knows what they want will imperatively join your business and be active.
Networking is not all about recruiting people, that's why many people fail in the industry after recruiting dormant people. The profit of networking is in recruiting active people (people with the burning zeal to do the business should be your primary targets).
In our boutique, after making our customers accept what we want, some of them do return the clad they bought and say "na you chose am for me." Same thing is applicable in relationship: if your paramour don't know what they want it means they're still confused; & you've 90% certainty that your relationship will end up in begrudge. 
So, before dating anybody always try your possible best to ascertain the degree of their confusion because it will enable you know where you are heading to.
I can admonish my daughter to date and marry a man who obviously knows what he want in life even if he's poor for the time being, but i can never advocate her to date a confused man whether rich or poor (a man who can't tell 'want' from 'need' still have a long way to go).

Another Example of Want:

I need six cute cars, but what i want is a house. Why do i want a house when all my mates are driving the latest cars?

Car is not an asset but an expenses. The creation of car is to make life easy, but can i live in my car?
If i can't live in my car, isn't that foolish of me to own 6 cars in the house built by my fellow human being with one head? Why not sale 5 cars out of the 6 and use the money to build or buy my own house? If you already have a house/houses and 6 cars, why not sale some and invest the money in a separate business (different industry) because the current government may be favoring your business, have you ever cogitate what the next government will look like i.e if the law the future government will legislate will still be in the favour of your today flourishing business?

My neighbor in business said he was making fortune selling shoes until Buhari tenor closed the shoe door with high exchange rate and today he's regretting it because he misused that opportunity. 

A senor policeman said he was earning 50,000 daily because he's among governor(s) entourage then, & he spent his opportunity on what people'll say. Today he's regretting it because all those ladies and spas no longer recognize him as customer while his children are asking where were you when that your friend was building his future?

Many people are building what people will say while smart people are building what their future will say because if you're poor people will talk and if you're wealthy people will still talk. If you are ill people will talk and if you're healthy people will talk as well.
So, it's your choice to choose what you want because "a girl(s) wrong choice is a woman regrets."

The main reason why the prodigal son in the BIBLE failed after collecting half of his father's fortune is because he couldn't differentiate 'want' from 'need'.

No matter how much you give a confused man: he will squander it and become as poor as before because if you've trillion, and keep splurging it, without having multiple source of income to be putting what you're spending back; within a short time you will go broke since you don't have money generator that's regenerating money for you. 

Another Example Of Want and Need: 

A woman went to market to buy bed sheet and she was duped by fraudsters who made her accept what they want. When she returned, the first question we asked her was, did you go to market to buy gold or bed sheet? Those fraudsters collected her money and gave her something that stays under cotton claiming it's gold.

If you don't know what you want, people who knew what they want will control your life with what they want.

Before you start anything, first ask yourself - what do i want from this thing? Knowing your want will make the work easier for you, the journey safer for you.

As a family man don't ever depend on one source of income because it's not how much you have but how much you've achieved.

Open six different bank accounts and name them:

  1.  Family expenses account
  2. My personal expenses account
  3. Charity account 
  4. Relative expenses account
  5. Wife account
  6. My kids account

After opening them what next? Set up investment for each and link them to each accounts (make sure that all the money those investment generates enter separate account depending on the name you give them).

  • Family account is to settle all family current and future expenses.
  • Your personal account should be used for your own expenses and future investments
  • Charity account: anytime you want to give to church, community or help anybody outside your family/relative perhaps friends; just go to your charity account, a certain man once said before you offer your old classmate financial help first look back into the type of life he or she lived in school. If he or she is still in the state of confusion, i absolutely doubt if financial help is what he/she actually want (financial help can't be of help in their state of confusion). Giving a confused man money, it's like leaving your home and aimlessly commence to gallivant everywhere without knowing your last bus stop (destination).
  • Relative account is for helping your immediate family members such as brothers, sisters  and parents including your in-laws (wife siblings).
  • Wife account is for taking good care of the woman that gave you the privilege to become a father.
  • Children account is for everything pertaining to your biological kids school fee and future.

Not knowing your Want and your Need in your daily living is like living from hand to mouth.

Discipline yourself to help your tomorrow.

"I have never met a RICH Person who has never Lost Money, but i have met a lot of POOR People who has never Lost A Dime." - Robert Kiyosaki

"The primary difference between the RICH & the POOR is how they Handle FEAR in Investment." - Robert Kiyosaki

Have positive mindset about investment. No Pain no Gain. You can NEVER be Rich if you are too SCARED of losing Money.

SALARY alone can not solve your money problems. You must have Secondary Source of Income in order to balance the equation. 

SALARY is the MEDICINE for managing POVERTY, it doesn't CURE it. Only your BUSINESS or INVESTMENT Cure Poverty.

I learnt website development and digital marketing (internet marketing) with certificate from Datalex Nigeria Limited and it took me almost 8 months to bring aimeagles.com to this level because when i installed plugins everything scattered, which  led me into starting afresh over & over,  until i learnt my lesson from my mistakes, that before implanting plugins i must first back up all my aimeagles.com files somewhere else. Once you accomplish your Wants your Needs will automatically fall in place, but if you first achieve your needs in a short time you'll start from square one (level one) and starting afresh is not an easy task because it's like starting from primary one after graduating from university. 

My school teacher told us his life story and he said he was a very successful businessman who based in Jos: one day he went to market to buy goods, when he returned his shop has been burnt, since his shop wasn't insured and he has invested all he had in that shop except his school certificates; he malignantly left jos and ended up as a high school commerce teacher, but had it been he has back up investments he'd still be in business because he won't start all over again.

My dad did same mistake, but the worst thing that can happen to anyone in life is to suffer the same things your parents suffered because no mistake no correction.

Any day you wake up always ask yourself, what do i 'want' to achieve today, this week, this month, this year and not what do i 'need' to achieve ..........???

Join our team now, lets enlist you build a back up business for you and your family. Fools ponder today and now while wise people cogitate about the future, imagine your life and family 10years from now. 

In the BIBLE, the story of ten virgins: 5 were wise because they planned ahead (they knew what they want) while 5 were foolish because the credo in their ego were based on "tomorrow will take care of itself"; forgetting that, "them that fail to plan - plan to fail"!

What do you want? After reading, kindly tell us what  you want.......