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Why Aim Global Chose Food Supplement?

Why Aim Global Chose Food Supplement?

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Why Food Supplement?

Food supplement was chosen by AIM Global as its products because more and more people are open to the idea that our bodies need food supplements, whether one is sick or not.

According to studies, 80% of the world’s population is using food supplements, Only 20% still prefer synthetic medicine.

Each one of us needs food supplements to boost our resistance. It is because we now lack the necessary nutrients that we should be getting from the food we eat everyday.

Food supplements add the right nutrition that our body needs to become healthy.

In these modern times, there are things that can not be avoided that affect our health and cause different diseases.

 Things That We Do That Affect Our Health & Can't Be Avoided

Processed foods:

They're chips, cold cuts, fast food meals (French fries are carcinogenic; potatoes should only be steamed or boiled). Even home cooked meals have preservatives/additives.

According to research, 30% - 90% of all food nowadays contains pesticides.

Stress :

Stress emerges from too much worry, work, sleeplessness, etc. 

Air pollution, water pollution and chemical pollution.

Unhealthy Lifestyle:

The negative effects of too much drinking, smoking and stress are not felt in the first few years but 10 to 20 years later.

Medicinal Side Effects:

In the U.S.A., excessive intake of synthetic medicine and its side effects is one of the top ten causes of death.

Food supplements build Loyalty: people are bound to buy products that'll enlist cure their loved ones, or that will help protect their family from diseases; regardless of their prices as long as it is effective.

Plus food supplements bring repeated purchases and reorders because it is highly consumable.

Aim Global certainly believes in the saying that "Health is Wealth".