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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Write By: aimteam Published In: Gist Created Date: 2018-05-06 Hits: 1000

You can choose career, school, business, friends, resident, church, pabulum, clad, property, social media, entertainments but it's not in your power to choose who'll be your biological mother. 

It is obvious that most people don't value what they've until they loss it.

Don't be among people waiting for their mother to die before realizing the value of their mother.

Of what use is it to give your mum a befitting burial when she die, if you can't give her life benefits now that she's still alive (a reason to joyously keep living).

When did you call your mum on phone last?

When did you give your mum money/gifts last?

Don't you think your mum deserves to be celebrated not just once in a year but on daily basis?

Perhaps, they told you she's a witch/harlot - if actually she's one, for the fact that you're still alive is an evidence that she truly love you, & GOD love you as well.

What if she had aborted you from her womb when she was pregnant of you, would you still be alive today to be where you're now?

Perhaps you're infuriated because she didn't ensconce you great, but what matters is not where you came from or been to - what matters is where you are heading to.

Nothing in this life can measure with parental blessings.

The blessings of your biological mother has a long way to go in your life, so do something to get it because that's what you need for GOD to open your ways of greatness. 

Have you ever asked yourself why it's only the commandment of honor your parent in the bible that entail longevity, blissful and thrive promise?

Go and make peace with your mum if you're having issues with her, so that it'll be well with you.

You can send her aim global beverages to nourish her body and soul.

You can as well open aim global accounts for her and linked it to her bank account.

Once again, happy mother(s) day to every woman out there in the world at large!