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The Story Of The King & His Servant

The Story Of The King & His Servant

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A King had a male servant who in all circumstances always say to him: "My king, do not be discouraged because everything God does is perfect, no mistakes. One day, they went hunting and a wild animal attacked the king, the servant managed to kill the animal but couldn't prevent his majesty from losing a finger. Furious and without showing gratitude, the King said; "if God was good, I wouldn't have been attacked and lost one finger." The servant replied, "despite all these things, I can only tell you that God is good and everything He does is perfect, He is never wrong." The King outrageously became infuriated by the response, & ordered the arrest of his servant.

While being taken to prison: he told the king again, "God is Good & Perfect." Another day, the king left alone for another hunt and was captured by savages who use human beings for rituals.

On the altar, the savages found out that the king didn't have one finger in place, he was released because he was considered 'incomplete', to be offered to the gods for sacrifice.

On his return to the palace, he imperatively ordered the release of that his servant and said: "my friend, indeed God was really good to me; i was almost killed, but for lack of a single finger, i was set free. But I have a question: if God is so good, why did He allow me to put you in prison?"

His servant replied: "my king, if i had not been put in prison, i'd have gone with you and would have been sacrificed; because i have no missing finger."

 Everything God does is perfect, He is never wrong. Often times we complain about life, and the negative things that happen to us, forgetting that everything happens for a purpose. God knows why you are reading this message today, please bless someone with it by sharing it. God is good and perfect.

My dear friend, a good attitude will determine your altitude. When you look at your life, career, job or family life, what do you say? Do you praise God? Do you blame the Satan? A good attitude towards God makes Him move on your behalf. Just sit down and say, Today , I am thankful I had a peaceful sleep, I am thankful I am alive with possibilities, I am thankful I have a roof over me, I am thankful I have a job, I am thankful that I have Family and Friends. Above all, I am thankful that I have God in my life . Be blessed and don't be envious or shocked when others are prospering because you don't know what they have been through to get there (test, trials and tribulation) so thank God for what you have.

"Little is much when God is in it. It's well by God's grace. Touch someones life with this message, if God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans8:28; & 31) Don't read if you can't forward. God has seen you struggling with something. God says it's over. A blessing is coming your way. If you believe in God send this message on, please don't ignore it, God is going to fix two things (BIG) in your favor. If you believe in God, drop everything and pass it on. Today will be the best day of your life. Send this to everybody in your contacts.

When we die, our money remains in the bank. Yet, when we are alive, we don't have enough money to spend. In reality, when we are gone, there is still a lot of money not spent.

A business tycoon in China passed away. His widow, left with $1.9 billion in the bank, married his chauffeur. His chauffeur said: "All this while, i thought i was working for my boss; it's only now, that i realize that my boss was all the time, working for me." 

The cruel reality is: it is more important to live longer than to have more wealth. So, we must strive to have a strong and healthy body, it really doesn't matter who is working for who.