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A wealthy businessman is getting old and he knew the time to choose a successor that'll be managing his business has arrived. Instead of choosing from his children, relative and directors, he decided to do it in an unusual way. He called the 'young executives' in his company.

He said, "It is time for me to relax and choose who to replace me as CEO. And I decided to choose one of you." Surprised, 'young executives' but the boss continued.  "I'll give each of you the BONES today - a special BONES. Plant it, water it and come back here one year from now with the plants from the seed to show me. I will judge you from the plant you show me and then appoint who to replace me as the new CEO. "

Jim was referring to that day and like other companions, he also received a bone. The wife of Jim helped him get a pot, soil, fertilizer and planted the seeds. Daily watering  Jim burn and forward the germination of seeds. After 3 weeks, the others with Jim were talking about the growth of their seeds.

Jim kept looking at his bone but still haven't grown from there. Three weeks, four weeks, five weeks later, still nothing yet.

Those with him are happy to tell about their plants, but Jim was not even impressed with the poor growth of his own seed,  and he felt so  frustrated.

Six months later,  Jim's burn still refused to grow but he continued watering it in dismay.

A year went by, and all of the 'young executives' are carrying out their plants to their CEO.  Jim took his empty pot to the 'boardroom'.  He was amazed at his colleagues plants, their plants are so beautiful both the shape and size.  Jim reluctantly lowered his burns on the floor. Jim and others were so dejected in what he brought office to show their CEO.

When the CEO arrived, he looked at the room and greeted the 'young executives'.

Jim was hiding in the back. "Wow, your plants and flows are cute, & fresh." That was the language of the CEO. The CEO continued: "Now, one of you will be appointed as the next CEO."

CEO saw Jim hiding  at the back with his empty pot. He summoned his financial director and brought Jim, & his empty pot to the foreground. Jim was flabbergasted and thought he failed, and will be probably  rejected.

Before his CEO asked what happened to his bone (why he brought an empty pot), Jim told his CEO the whole story in anxiety.

CEO and the rest sat down except Jim. The CEO stared at Jim and said: "young executives, here's your next CEO!"

 Jim was the chosen one. 

"How can he be the next CEO?" Stupendous questions came up: CEO answered, "a year ago, i gave all of you here seeds to plant, water, germinate and take care of, and bring them for me to see; in order to appoint a new CEO that'll take my place. But, what I gave each of you were dead bones that can never grow."

"All of you, except Jim brought me a beautiful plant. You all except Jim, changed your bones when you couldn't grow them. Jim only with courage and honesty brought empty pot of seeds. So, he will be the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO)!"

There is a saying that says, "What we sow is what we reap."

  • Plant honesty and trust harvest.
  • Plant goodness and you reap friends.
  • Plant humility and reap greatness.
  • Plant perseverance and reap contentment.
  • Plant and harvest consideration perspective.
  • Plant hard work (work smart) and reap success.
  • Plant forgiveness, reconciliation and reap blissfulness.
  • Plant faith in God and reap a harvest.

The question now is, what seed are you planting ?

  • To understand is to be blissful
  • To be harmonious is humility
  • To be humble is to be truthful
  • To be honest is to be loyal
  • To be loyal is to be trusted
  • To be trusted is to be confidable
  • To be confidable is to be a confidant
  • To be a confidants is to be honored 
  • To be honored is to be elevated 
  • To be promoted is to be great
  • To be great is to be an achiever
  • To be an achiever is to be a leader