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Why Join AIM Global Thru Us & Why Not Join Direct On AIM official Website???

Why Join AIM Global Thru Us & Why Not Join Direct On AIM official Website???

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We are very happy and thankful that you are interested in joining our international AIM GLOBAL team and we are saying big welcome to our AIM GLOBAL company in advance.

Since you have signed up on our team online store, lets get you started, what next?

The next step to take now in order to officially become a certified independent global distributor and member of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL INCORPORATED is to buy our global package which contains our sample products that you can use personally or sale in order to get your capital back.

Why do i need to buy a global package before i can become a distributor?

I, Each global package you buy contains a registration code which we your account manager and team needs and will use to create your own account in our AIM system at our AIM GLOBAL COMPANY OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

II, Be the product of your own products, how can you sale (distribute) something you don't have an idea how it works, what the functions, advantages or disadvantages are ?

In every business you need to have in and out of how the products works and what the products  entails, so from the products inside the global package you buy you can use them as sample by drinking and using them by yourself first e.g test our  world best and world first alkaline coffee, give your children our mychoco tea, toothpaste, omega supreme (fish oil) - choleduz, C24/7, Feminine wash, masculine wash, burn slim for obesity, etc so that when introducing (marketing) the products to anybody you will be bold and able to answer any question that might confront you or that your customers might ask.

Why do i need to join your team, can't i go straight to AIM GLOBAL official website and create my own account since i have purchased the company global  package and have been given the registration code?

I, Aim Global is a door that can only be opened by its own keys: which inculcate that even if you have the global package registration code you still need an account manager, agent, sponsor,  guardian and team that will use their certified AIM GLOBAL key (ID number) to open an AIM GLOBAL account for you, and without their signature which is their certified distributor ID number you can't open any account in ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL INCORPORATED. 

II, Just as the saying goes "a tree can't make a forest", so you need to join the winning team with great experience  and knowledge of in and out of the business; without belonging to any team or having any mentor (account manager) your chances of failing in this business is extremely and obviously high, because as a novice there are lots of things you might not comprehend in the business.

For more info please visit our frequently asked questions and questions and answers page at  https://aimeagles.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=7 

To buy our AIM global package of your choice online, please visit this page https://aimeagles.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=25

OR  visit any AIM GLOBAL physical office to buy any global package of your choice in person and send us the registration code attached to the global package that you purchased offline.

Why join our team visit this page https://aimeagles.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=9

Why join AIM GLOBAL visit this page please https://aimeagles.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=10 

Don't have money to buy AIM global package, no problem work for our team, visit this page https://aimeagles.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=20

Best regards,