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Why Do I Need To Buy Package & What's My Products Benefit?

Why Do I Need To Buy Package & What's My Products Benefit?

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Someone asked us this question: "Just wanna asking for more information about that products and how to get benefits from that"; let's answer the question openly to help others who might have the same question.


Before you can benefit from our products you have to become our Aim Global distributor (member/partner), and after your global distributor certification you can then be purchasing our products at distributors prices (30% to 50% discounts) lower than the prices you see on our team website at https://aimeagles.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=61 or kindly click here

Note that each product you buy at distributor price (30 to 50% discount): our Aim Global int'l company will pay you in points which later convert to money that you can withdraw monthly and those points also qualifies you for our all expense paid trip to travel all over the world e.g Europe trip, U.S.A, Philippines, Africa, etc.; which insinuate that if you buy our products at distributors price, after selling both capital and profits belongs to you, and you'll still earn from our company as bonus for buying products.

Our company pays you for using or selling our products. Let me ask you this, how many companies out there pays people for using or selling their products as 'Independent Distributor' or customer?

No company does that, right? Even as their distributor you only earns from the amount you sale their products i.e if you succeeds in selling them above how much you bought those products from them.

In Aim Global, you sale with profits, you keep both capital and profits to yourself i.e if you sell them, and still earn from our company for buying those products, which inculcate that whether you buy them for use or sale; you have nothing to lose because you will still earn.

To become one of our Aim Global distributor you need to purchase our global package (all our products in a bag/kit), click here or visit https://aimeagles.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=25 to place your order now and get started.

Aim Global remunerates its distributors every blessed day and month with over 6 different ways to earn and there's no limit to how much you can earn daily and monthly, check out our earning (compensation plan and diagram) structures at https://aimeagles.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=17  or kindly click here

To join our team kindly sign up or sign in on https://aimeagles.com/index.php?route=account/login and place your order for our global package of your choice.

Buying our global package enables us to begin to sale our products to you at 30% to 50% discounts as our recognized independent distributor, so without the global package you are just an end user to us and not entitled to distributors benefits.

By the way you are not dashing us the money, because you're buying our products which appears as samples for you i.e we give them to for you to use them by yourself first in order to know how they works and become a product of your own products before selling/introducing them to others; but if you decide to sale them you'll eventually get your capital investment money back with profits. 

How many companies authorizes you to become their licence (certified) distributor after purchasing just one product/package from them and still allow you to work at your own free will?

In our Aim Global: 

  • No demotion
  • No pass out
  • No time frame
  • No reversion
  • No quota
  • No one commanding you, you choose when to work, how to work and who to work with.

No reversion means you can start now, stop later and continue from where you stopped anytime any day you choose to start working on your network again because you are your own boss and have full control over your business.

Don't forget: wealth is not a reward of knowledge but lucrative investment is, and it's not how much you have but how much you've achieved???

Good luck and we look forward to having you aboard soon!