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From Street To Paradise

From Street To Paradise

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She used to sale sweet potatoes on the road (hawking from street to street), but this is her life now.

Amazing life transformation after 18 months in Aim Global business.

You must realize that this is a Life Changing Opportunity!!!!

If you want to be successful in this business, don't think that there is somebody that's earning from your effort.  Just focus on your group enhancement, & balance all your accounts.

Choose Your PAIN:

In life we have two main pains to choose from, the Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret. 

The pain of discipline makes you decide the goals you want to work on, and work them, irrespective of how difficult, painful or impossible they may be.

The pain of regret is the one that comes after the fact, you look back at your life on what has become of the result, for not taking the pain of discipline.

The pain of discipline is before the act, while the pain of regret is after the act.

Come SEPTEMBER, when we come back to this platform to declare how far we have gone with our documented goals, you will only ESCAPE the pain of regret by doing ONE thing - Ensuring that DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY till then, you are choosing the pain of discipline.

To go through with discipline, we need to learn to make ourselves accountable to few people who hold us accountable to our DREAMS and aspirations. This can be done free by your mentor, or you can pay for a COACH B. If you have STRONG self WILL, you can also do this for yourself.

Either way, you must choose your PAIN! Do you feel the pain of discipline? As I write this update, it’s with pain, pain of taking time of rest and relaxation to put words together to inspire someone else out there to be all they can decide to be. This is the pain I have chosen, because I know that time will come in my future, when I will look back and either smile at the impact I have made, or regret that I could have done much better. You are where you're today as a result of the choice and decision you took yesterday, the decision and choice which you'll make today will determine where you'll be tomorrow.

Are you going through any pain to make your DREAMS come through? Audit your actions and achievements for last week, and Review your action plan for the week ahead.

Choose your pains wisely, and make them happen.