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How Much My Uplines Are Earning From One Of Their Accounts - In Peso

How Much My Uplines Are Earning From One Of Their Accounts - In Peso

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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts; Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.

We meet many people. Some of them become part of our story which makes our life colorful and full of drama. We encountered many things and most of them give us great memories and knowledge. Things happens for a purpose, & in some cases make us to decide who will be our most priorities in life.... And sometimes choosing priorities needs lot of sacrifices. We need to get hurt but after all we realize the reason why it happens. Knowing our own priorities makes us to feel secured, happy and calm.

"THANKS GOD for bringing into my life ... AIMGLOBAL Afyer a year to enjoy my residual income ... THIS CAN NB 70K without doing those entering pa .. After this holiday you will find in your account?

our reason to post these hype or not to brag but our reason is to inspire the world that Network. Marketing can change the world by changing many lives" - Dusaran  Jessiel.


I Studied the richest people in the world including Aliko Dangote. I started asking myself where is the money....?

Look at Mark Zukerbeg of Facebook, what is making money for him? People!

What is making money for google? People!!

Why is it that Dangote is expanding to African countries? He wants to reach more people!!!

 Money is in PEOPLE. People are the custodians of wealth.

If you come in contact with somebody who says he cannot get people, stay away from him or her because he/she is not a good business partner.

Networking is business of people, for the people and 21st century business.

I love referring people to my business by sharing vital information on how my business will help them.

Networking is all about social intelligence.

Just imagine how much they will be earning from the rest of their accounts daily and monthly residual income, in addition to these prolific stipendiaries above.

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